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Benny Brigade FAQ

I'm signed in to my account, but I can't view Brigade content

This likely means that while your account is active, you do not have an active subscription. You can fix this by logging into your account, selecting a plan from the join page, and submitting your payment information

How do I cancel a plan?

You can make changes to your subscription, including canceling a plan, by going to the billing section of your account dashboard.

What is the difference between the Monthly Membership and the Annual Membership? 

  • Monthly - The monthly plan is $5 and grants you exclusive access to all Brigade content.
  • Annual - The annual plan is $55 (one month free) and grants you the same access as the monthly plan. It also includes the Veteran-made Benny Brigade keychain—exclusive to our Annual subscribers!
What is the age range for these books?

The age range is 4-12! However some families have said that some of their older children still enjoy the stories...

How can I catch up?

Started your subscription with a later book and want the whole series? Don’t worry, you can always purchase the previous books using our Single Purchase option!

Do you accept book ideas and manuscript submissions?

We are not currently accepting manuscripts and we are exclusively publishing content we produce. Manuscript submissions will not receive a response.